Lestin kunnan vaakuna ja teksti.

    Preschool education

    Preschool education is free education, that the children receive on the previous year before their compulsory education starts. Preschool lasts for a year. Preschool and elementary school education form a consistent continuum for a child´s development and life-long learning. The goal of preschool education is to reinforce a child´s positive self-image, advance social skills and learning in co-operation with the guardians. The operation and teaching is planned individually considering the child´s needs

    Applying to preschool

    The preschool of Lestijärvi will send out a letter to all the preschool aged children´s guardians, that the preschool is aware of. In the letter there will be information on how to register to preschool in Wilma. In the same context the guardians will inform the preschoolers need for after school care.

    Lestijärvi preschool curriculum