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    Employment services

    Ohjuri –project

    Ohjuri -project is operating in Kaustisen seutukunta area and in Perho and Kannus. If you book an appointment, you can receive help on how to get started as a new business or for searching and hiring new employees.

    Ohjuri can figure out together with the entrepreneur how to best support the business recruiting. First step is to find out whether extra training, salary support or further education is needed. We will also see if the entrepreneur is interested in hiring an unemployed who would work based on on-the-job-learning.

    The way that Ohjuri works makes it possible for the entrepreneur to suggest a suitable person for the job or Ohjuri will suggest suitable persons for the entrepreneur to pick from.

    Ohjuri hanke co-operates in linking counseling and education services to other employment advancing services.

    Mikko Hänninen
    Network employee in Ohjuri-hanke
    Phone. 044 561 2152

    Email: mikko.hanninen@kase.fi


    Municipality try-outs for employment

    All the Kaustisen seutukunta areas municipalities are participating in the employment advancing municipality try.out. During the try-out, some of Pohjanmaa Public Employment and Business Services customers will be transferred to their own municipality´s customer.

    Unemployed and customers of the Public Employment and Business Services that are not entitled to the unemployment benefit are directed to the municipality try-out. Also all job seekers under the age of 30, all immigrants and person who speak foreign language, that are either unemployed or customers of Public Employment and Business Services are part of the municipality try-out.

    The customers who will be transferred to the municipality try-out will be notified of their customership personally. During the try-out, the job seeker will normally report to the Public Employment and Business Services, which will then direct the try-out customers to the municipality. The customership will last the whole municipality try-out period 1.3.2021-30.6.2023.

    The goal of municipality try-out is to advance employment and education even more efficiently and bring new solutions to the availability of knowledgeable and skillful workforce. The objective is to develop services that support the employment of the job seeker and service models that will take the customer situation and need for service into consideration individually.

    Through the municipality try-out, Kaustisen seutukunta is developing a service model, where the services can be brought to the customers municipality of residency as a face-to-face service or by using digital communication.

    More information on the municipality try-out and useful links for a job seeker you can find from kokkola.fi/

    You can also contact the employment coordinator of Kaustisen seutukunta.

    Contact information

    Phone: 040 167 8349

    Email: anna.nieminen@kaustisenseutukunta.fi.