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    Decision making

    Municipal Council

    According to the municipal law, the Municipal Council exercises the highest decision-making power in the municipality of Lestijärvi. The Municipal Council establishes the principles for finances and funding and approves the annual budget. The council is responsible for the town’s activities and finances. It decides on the town’s strategic policies.

    The Municipal Council decides on the towns’s administrative principles and, among its other duties, appoints the members of the Municipal Board and the different committees. The duties of the Municipal Council are defined in the Local Government Act and the administrative regulations.

    The councillors are elected in municipal elections for a term of four years.

    Municipal board

    The Municipal Board manages the municipality of Lestijärvi in accordance with the strategies, goals and principles adopted by the Municipal Council, promotes for its part the best interests, general success, operation of the town, represents the municipality and shall be heard on its behalf. The Municipal board is responsible for the preparation and execution of the Municipal Council’s decisions and for overseeing their legality.


    The Mayor is responsible for the strategic management of the municipality of Lestijärvi. The Mayor manages, supervises and develops the town’s administration and economy under the Municipal Board. The Mayor supervises the preparatory work on matters considered by the Municipal Board and acts as the presenting officer for the Municipal Board. The Mayor of Lestijärvi is Anne Kurkela


    In the first meeting of its term of office, the Municipal Council appoints the members and deputy members for the different committees for a term of four years. The committees are in charge of duties concerning specific fields.

    The committees set up their own meeting schedules, but they usually meet approximately once a month. The meetings are closed to the public. The Municipal Board names a board representative for each committee. In addition, the Mayor has the right to attend the meetings.

    Trustees and office holders

    Producing services and decision preparation always requires office holders and employees that work with the trustees. Trustees are the Municipal Councillors and their chosen persons for the Municipal Board, committees and other official posts that are selected by the municipal election.