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Lestin kunnan vaakuna ja teksti.

    Rental apartments

    Apartment information

    Kartano row houses

    • Address Kartanontie 2
    • Apartment sizes
      • 1h+kk+s, 45 m2
      • 2h+k+s, 60 m2
      • 3h+k+s, 70 m2
    • District heating
    • Distances
      • Groceries – Sale Lestijärvi 190 m
      • Lestijärvi school and day care 400 m
      • Lestijärvi health centre 2,1 km

    Yli-Lesti semi-detached houses

    • Address Mäntymäentie 20
    • Apartment sizes
      • 2h+k+s, 59 m2
      • 3h+k+s 73 m2
    • Electrical heating
    • Distances
      • Groceries – Sale Lestijärvi 7,1 km
      • Lestijärvi school and day care 7,8 km
      • Lestijärvi health centre 8,9 km

    Yli-Lestin rivitaloasunnot. Yli-Lestin rivitaloasunnot.

    Porrasnoro row houses

    • Address Porrasnorontie 7
    • Apartment sizes
      • 2h+kk+s, 45 m2
      • 2h+k+s, 57 m2
      • 3h+k+s, 70 m2
    • District heating
    • Distances
      • Groceries – Sale Lestijärvi 1,9 km
      • Lestijärvi school and day care 1,6 km
      • Lestijärvi health centre 240 m

    Pirtti row houses

    • Address Porrasnorontie 2
    • Apartment sizes
      • 1h+tupak+s, 39 m2
      • 1h+tupak+s, 43,5 m2
      • 2h+kk+s, 43,5 m2
      • 3h+k+s, 73 m2
    • District heating
    • Distances
      • Groceries – Sale Lestijärvi 1,7 km
      • Lestijärvi school and day care 1,5 km
      • Lestijärvi health centre 100m

    Syri semi-detached houses

    • Address Toholammintie 842
    • Apartment sizes
      • 5h+k+s, 114,8 m2
      • 2h+k+s, 59 m2
    • Oil heating
    • Distances
      • Groceries – Sale Lestijärvi 11,6 km
      • Lestijärvi school and day care 11,3 km
      • Lestijärvi health centre 10,1 km

    Kotipelto row houses

    • Address Kotipellonkuja 12
    • Apartment sizes
      • 1h+kk, 34 m2
      • 2h+kk+s, 51 m2
      • 2h+k, 61 m2
      • 2h+k+s 67,5 m2
      • 3h+k+s, 80,5 m2
    • District heating
    • Distances
      • Groceries – Sale Lestijärvi 650 m
      • Lestijärvi school and day care 400 m
      • Lestijärvi health centre 1,3 km

    Hopearanta row houses

    • Address Lestintie 8
    • Apartment sizes
      • 1h+kk, 27 m2
      • 1h+kk, 31 m2
      • 1h+kk, 40 m2
    • District heating
    • Distances
      • Groceries – Sale Lestijärvi 2,3 km
      • Lestijärvi school and day care 1,0 km
      • Lestijärvi health centre 450 m

    Applying for an apartment

    Lestijärvi is a small and beautiful town and its biggest attraction all year round is its incredible nature and the possibilities it provides for activities, wellbeing and living. Even thought there are only 720 residents in Lestijärvi, our village has always been lively and friendly. Lestijärvi municipality is unprejudice and ready to serve, which makes it easy for people to move in!

    We are happy to have you and we welcome you to Lestijärvi!

    Rental apartment are only offered based on official apartment applications. Remember to fill out the application to detail. We will be in touch with you if we can provide you with an apartment suited for you based on the application. Return the filled out application to the office of Lestijärvi municipality (address: Lestintie 39, 69440 Lestijärvi) or via email.

    Apartment application

    Contact information

    Property maintenance 044 0299 511

    Property manager 040 6126 642

    Secretary 040 1980 652

    Email: mirva.vilppola@lestijarvi.fi

    Terminating the rental contract

    The termination period for an apartment is a full calendar month. The termination will be counted from the last day of the month when the termination was notified to the municipality.

    The termination can be done by informing the municipality by mail or email.


    Rental apartment regulations

    1. Front door

    Property maintenance has the right to collect a fee for opening a locked door. The fee is 20€/time and during the hours of 10 PM to 7 AM 30€/time + VAT 24%.

    2. Silence at night

    Silence period during nights is from 10PM to 7AM. During this time any noise that can cause disturbance to the neighbors is forbidden. By neighbors consent you can organize family gatherings or other festivities that last longer than 10PM. The resident of the apartment is reliable for his/her guests. Shower usage or water running can not cause disturbance to the neighbors.

    3. Apartment maintenance and upkeep

    Apartments need to be properly maintained. Any water leaks or other noticeable flaws need to be notified to the property manager or property maintenance immediately. House appliances need to be used in an appropriate manner. Keep the manuals of the house appliances in the apartment. Maintenance, repair and water meter reading visits will be notified beforehand. The property maintenance will use a general key to run the before mentioned errands.

    4. Waste management

    The garbage and waste must be properly recycled to the provided waste bins. If the resident pours any substance to the drain, that does not belong in the drain, the resident is reliable for the damages and need to pay for the compensation.

    5. Airing out clothing and carpets

    Airing out clothing and carpets is allowed between 7AM to 10PM in the racks outside the apartments.

    6. Pets

    Pets must be kept on leash when outside the apartment. Pets can not be allowed to dirty or break any walls, yard areas or sidewalks and they can not cause any unreasonable harm to other residents. Walking pets in the children´s playground is forbidden. When residents leave the apartment, they must make sure that the pets do not disturb any neighbors. Municipality of Lestijärvi has a right to collect damages if the pets cause any damage to the apartment.

    7. Parking

    Parking is only allowed in the appointed parking spaces of the apartments. For unpacking or packing, you are allowed to drive closer to the apartment but the car must be returned to its parking spot as soon as the un/packing is done.

    8. Smoking

    Smoking in the apartments is strictly forbidden. Also the use of electronic cigarettes is forbidden.

    9. Damaging the structures

    Anyone who has caused damage to the property and/or its other facilities is responsible for paying damages. The owner of the property has a right to collect the expenses caused by the damage from the person responsible.

    10. Breaking the apartment regulations

    Breaking the apartment regulations will result in a notice. If the person will continue to break the regulations even after the notice, the resident will receive a written notice. If the regulation breaking continues, is constant and the notices won´t help, the property owner has the right to terminate the rental contract.


    Notification of disturbance

    In case of residental disturbance:

    Miten toimia, jos asumisrauha häiriintyy:

    1. If a neighbor is disturbing the peace and living, we recommend in first hand to discuss with the person responsible for the disturbance. Your neighbor may not know that the noise can be heard in other apartments or that it is disturbing.
    2. If the disturbances continue after the discussion, a written complaint should be filed to the property owner. The property owner will assess the situation and take action if needed. If the disturbance has been minor or short-term or there is only one person making complaints, the property owner may not see fit to take action. Complaints made via phone will not be taken into consideration. The same goes for anonymous complaints.
    3. The complaint should describe the type, date and time of the disturbance and how long it has been going on. In addition the complaint should mention if the issue has been discussed with the neighbor in question. 
    4. After the property owner has received the complaint, a notice will be sent to the disturber if needed.
    5. If the disturbance still continues, a new written complaint needs to be made, so that a written notice can be issued if needed. The property owner must give at least one written notice to the causer of the disturbance before a termination of the rental contract and possible eviction can happen.
    6. If the issue will go to court, the complainer must be ready to testify. Unnecessary complaints are unacceptable and for three or more unnecessary complaints a notice will be issued.

    These instructions have been created to secure everyone´s rights and to avoid disturbance in the rental apartments and also to avoid processing unnecessary complaints.

    Moving day clean up

    Apartments moving day clean up must be done when moving out of the rental apartment and before handing back the keys to the property owner. If the moving day clean up is not done, the property owner has a right to withhold the deposit fee or a part of it to cover the cleaning costs for the apartment.


    Check list for cleaning:

    • Vacuuming and mopping the floors
    • Window cleaning (also from outside when possible)
    • Emptying, defrosting and washing the refrigerator and freezer
    • The power of the refrigerator and freezer must be switched off and the doors must be left open
    • Washing the stove and oven
    • Washing the filter of the kitchen hood
    • Cleaning the floor drain
    • Washing the bathroom and sauna: benches, walls and floors
    • Washing the bathroom sink, toilet seat and showers
    • Cleaning out possible stains from doors and walls