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    Early childhood education

    Early childhood education is a part of the Finnish education system and an important phase in child´s growth and learning. The guardian is primarily responsible for the child´s growth and the early childhood education is designed to support and reinforce it. The guardian will decide whether the child will attend early childhood education. In Lestijärvi the early childhood education is organized in day care Kissankello.

    Early childhood education refers to an entity that includes a child´s systematical and goal-oriented growth, teaching and care, which specifically emphasizes pedagogy. Early childhood education covers the years of 0-6 so the first years of a child´s life before starting school.

    The goal of early childhood education is to support the child´s growth, development, learning and advance the equality of children. The objective is to prevent social exclusion and support the guardians in their child´s upbringing and provide them with the possibility to take part in working life or education. In addition the skills and knowledge acquired in early childhood education advance the child´s involvement and active participation in society.