Lestin kunnan vaakuna ja teksti.

    Guided activities


    Lestijärvi municipality´s sports and leisure department organizes guided sports, activities and events.

    The most popular events in Lestijärvi is the annual bike race around the lake Lestijärvi. There has been record breaking amounts of attendees in the bike race event during the corona time. In the event, the racer will bike around the lake Lestijärvi, which makes the total of 42,5 kilometres fro the whole route.

    The sports and leisure department also organizes sport campaigns like hiking or skiing campaigns. In the recent years one of the popular events has been Polut ja laavut tutuiksi (know your tracks and lean-to´s), where the customers will get to go on a free, guided nature tour. You can also request guided sports, events and activities from the sport and leisure department. You can follow the events, activities and sports from the sports and leisure departments Facebook or Instagram.