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    Lestijärvi school

    Lestijärvi has one elementary school that includes the grades from 1-9. The new school was built in 2021 from timber and it is located right next to the lake Lestijärvi. The new school provides a modern learning environment and high-class sports possibilities for its pupils as in the becoming years a sport centre will be built. The new ice hockey rink has already been built next to the beach boulevard. Pupils will start in the new school in the autumn of 2021.

    The benefit of teaching and education in Lestijärvi is the highly skilled professionals and the small groups, which make it possible to provide individualized education and take into consideration the individual needs of the pupils.

    Applying to elementary school

    In Lestijärvi the guardians do not need to file an application when the preschooler is moving up to elementary school. In Finland the pupils school will be determined by permanent address, so the pupil will go to the nearest elementary school. Guardians will receive a notice from the pupils school once the decision is made.

    If you want your child´s school to be some other than the nearest school or you are moving to Lestijärvi with school aged children, please be in contact with the principal.


    Lestijärvi elementary school is using internet system Wilma, which provides the guardians information on their child´s education and teaching arrangements. Guardians will receive Wilma usernames and passwords when they sign up their child to preschool or when the child starts elementary school. A guardian will make a personal account, where he/she can keep in contact with the school and manage the school matters of the child/children. Wilma makes possible for the guardian to notify the school of the child´s illness or check timetables, grades or deal with absences. Guardians can read the school´s briefings and answer the messages or questionnaires sent by the principle or teachers.

    You can get more information on Wilma and its use from the elementary school. You can find the Wilma user manual for guardians from this link.


    Contact information

    Lestijärvi elementary school

    Address: Lestintie 40, 69440 Lestijärvi

    Phone: 040 6504 231


    Phone: 044 0540 839

    Email: rehtori (at) lestijarvi.fi