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    Sport halls and areas

    Municipality maintained sport areas and playgrounds

    Lestijärvi municipality is investing on sport areas as the new school is ready. The yard of the new school will have a variety of opportunities and new infrastructure for sports. Lestijärvi has plenty of options for sports and activities like the beach-volley court in Paranta, football field and track and field possibility in the town centre and the newly build disc golf track just outside the town centre. You can also rent out equipment from the Lestijärvi library if you wish to go SUP boarding, snow shoeing or weights for an independent training session.

    The biggest attraction of Lestijärvi is the nature, which provides lots of different sports and activities for locals, visitors and travellers. In the summer you can go trecking or hiking in one of our many hiking trails or rent a canoe and go white water rafting. In the winter you can go skiing in our well-maintained ski tracks: you can choose to go skiing in the forest, where many times you can run into the rare forest reindeer or you can go for an adventure on the ice of our lake Lestijärvi. Read the full description of activities and hiking trails and find the list of companies providing adventure and rental services from https://visitlestijarvi.fi/en/experience/


    Lestijärvi school area

    Lestijärvi school and day care has a great infrastructure for sports for all ages. The new school building was finished in the spring of 2021 and the teaching in the new school will start in the autumn of 2021. For the children there are swings, jungle gyms, slides and a mini-arena for playing group sports. There is also a new ice-hockey court and in the coming years, a sport centre will be built.

    Normally you can play in the school are from dusk till dawn but in the summer of 2021 the school area is out of use due to the construction of the yard.

    You can freely go and play games in the track and field court when there are no organized activities.

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    The Lestijärvi gym is located next to the school. The right to use the gym can be purchased from the Johku online store. 

    Disc golf

    A new disc golf track was built in 2019 by the fire department of Lestijärvi. The track is located about 3 from the town centre towards Halsua. The track has 18 fairways and the type of the track is forest track.

    Address: Halsuantie 94, 69440, Lestijärvi.

    Track type: Metsärata

    The track is free of charge.

    More informatiom: Lestijarvi discgolfpark

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    Beach boulevard

    In the town centre of Lestijärvi, there goes a walking path by the lake, which the locals call beach boulevard. At the beach boulevard there is a playground for children and a outdoor gym. The beach boulevard goes through the public beach as well but at the moment the beach is out of use due to the school construction.

    Ulkokuntoilualue Rantabulevardin leikkipuisto


    Paranta is a public beach, which also has a playground for children, a beach-volley court, barbecue hut, tables for picnics, dressing rooms for swimming, and toilet facilities. The water at the beach is very shallow, which makes it a safe beach for the children as well. In the summer time there is a beach cafe, which is run by the local 4H organization. The cafe serves ice cream and home baked pastries, pies and buns, refreshments and snacks.

    Wellness and walking paths

    The wellness path starts from the town centre of Lestijärvi and ends in Paranta beach. The path is 4 kilometres long. The illuminated walking and ski tracks can be found from the districts of Yli-Lesti and Syrinkylä. In the winter there are also two ski tracks; one on the ice of the lake ¨Lestijärvi and another in the peaceful wintery forest. You can follow the ski track updates from the Facebookistaof Lestijärvi sports and leisure department.

    Hiking, nature trails and other activities

    You can find other activities. information of nature trails and hiking from the travel website https://visitlestijarvi.fi/en/experience/.

    Please remember to pick up your own rubbish!

    If you see that any of the municipality´s property or sport areas are flawed or damaged, please contact the municipality.

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